Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ticker Tape Doll Quilt

Years ago, I had a neighbor who was extremely organized when it came to sewing. She only bought fabric when she was ready for a project and dutifully discarded all the scraps when it was finished. I was never quite that disciplined. Even when not quilting, scraps often came in handy for puppets, doll clothes, etc. Now that I've gotten interested in patchwork, I obsessively save every snippet, no matter how small. A Ticker Tape Quilt began to look like another great opportunity for delving into that stash. Unfortunately, being a Virgo, I was not able to just pick up pieces at random and sew them down. I meticulously lined up all those little pieces on my flannel board before sewing the first seam. I also incorporated some of the selvages that I am also obsessively hoarding. Next time, I'll be a little more adventurous. Not only does it make a nice wall hanging, it's also a nice archive of things I've made.

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