Saturday, January 22, 2011

Canvas Bag No. 2

I discovered this great retro quilter's fabric "Housework Whenever!" by Sharon Yenter for In the Beginning fabric. It couldn't be more perfect for an avid quilter. This time, I also made a pin cushion to accompany the bag. When I made my first canvas bag, the inside seams drove me into a frenzy. Canvas ravels very quickly, and the seams were very unruly. First, I tried zigzagging the edges. They still looked untamed so I ended up encasing them in bias tape...a solution, but very time consuming. On this bag, I did a French Seam: a seam stitched first on the right side and then turned in and stitched on the wrong side so that the raw edges are enclosed in the seam. This worked like a charm and saved me many minutes of gnashing my teeth!




Pocket Panel

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