Saturday, January 29, 2011

Canvas Tote Bag No. 1

On a trip to Mexico, I purchased two wall hangings made from bark. I needed to buy two canvases to mount them on. In an effort to save money, I decided just to purchase canvas by the yard and have my husband build stretchers for them. Somehow, when shopping for the fabric, I left my math skills at home and came home with an overabundance of canvas. What to do? At the same time, I decided to make tote bags for my daughters, Laura and Kristin, who are avid quilters. They have been my inspiration to take the giant leap into quilting. Eureka! Canvas was the way I would go. For the first one, I made a log cabin block. I copied the hummingbird from the fabric and used fabric paint to continue the motif on the pocket.


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